Hi, I'm Bailey Kursar.

Hi, I'm Bailey Kursar.

I'm an independent consultant, fintech nerd and financial inclusion advocate. Get in touch to see how we might work together.


I’ve worked in fintech (the intersection of financial services and technology) since 2010, and in financial inclusion since 2018.

I founded my own tech-for-good, Touco, in 2018, where we used Open Banking tech to help people with long term mental health conditions better manage their money with the support of their family and friends.

Touco ceased trading in 2021. Since then I’ve worked on financial inclusion-related projects as an independent consultant, lending my skills in tech and product design to organisations such as Impact on Urban Health, TISA, Fair By Design, the University of Edinburgh and the Money Advice Trust. Check out my CV.


I spoke to 42 women in their 40s and 50s (and surveyed 370+ women) about how they’re planning for their financial future. Read The Good Future Project report
I hosted a Money Movers peer-led circle for women to talk about how they can use their finances to take climate action. Read me talking about it in The Big Issue
I authored a guide to Inclusive Design for Fair By Design and the Money Advice Trust. The FCA chose to reference the guide in their official vulnerability guidance. Read my 'Inclusive Design in Essential Services' guide
I worked with Impact on Urban Health and Comuzi design lab to test if using Open Banking services would improve the financial health of low income residents of Lambeth and Southwark. Read the Open Banking for Financial Health report
I founded a fintech-for-good, Touco/Toucan, that built and tested an Open Banking app for people with long term mental health conditions better manage their money with the support of their family and friends. Funded by Nationwide and working with the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute and Northumbria University, I led and co-authored influential research. Read: Let’s Talk About Money: How third party money alerts from Toucan affected people living with mental health conditions Read: "Pick Someone Who Can Kick Your Ass" - Moneywork in Financial Third Party Access

Read: Financial Technologies in the Cycle of Poor Mental Health and Financial Hardship: Towards Financial Citizenship

I hosted a Cost of Living Crisis Hackathon Day with Wagestream where we brought together charities, industry, policy makers and people with lived experience to come up with solutions. Read about the Hackathon aims and outcomesHackathon
I wrote an article for Sifted that went viral, featuring on the front page of HackerNews. Sifted article: Why I think it's important to show salary information on job ads


"What you shared about acknowledging the reality of exclusion, and adopting a mindset of designing for everyone, without labels of vulnerability or disability, really grabbed the minds and hearts of colleagues. Colleagues were both moved and motivated to make a difference." – Joanna Finlay, Virgin Money, after a talk I delivered to them



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June 28, 2020

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