I can bring over a decade of Fintech and Financial Inclusion experience to your project.

Are you:

  • An early stage fintech startup in need of flexible help getting your product built, tested and validated by customers?
  • A financial services firm that wants to get an MVP built, tested and validated in a tight timeframe?
  • Looking for help ensuring your product works for all customers, including those in so-called ‘vulnerable circumstances’?
  • A charity or think tank that wants to bring on board someone with deep fintech expertise and a network to supplement your project?

If so, I can help.

Since 2012 I’ve worked in several early stage fintech startups in marketing, product management and software developer roles.

I also founded my own fintech-for-good, using inclusive design principles to ship and test new products aimed at so-called ‘vulnerable customers’.

This generalist approach makes me well placed to lead projects to launch and test new products and services.

“Her project management skills have been amazing, she was so organised to get everybody on board pretty quickly. Although we're all working remotely, it didn't feel like it and from day one, everybody in the team knew what they were doing.” – Armela Veliaj, Hargreaves Lansdown
“Her work ethic is incredible and with her organisation, clear thought process and ability to multi-task it's no wonder that the results speak for themselves.” – Jenny McRobb, Funding Options

Project examples:

Open Banking for Financial Health


I worked with Impact on Urban Health and Comuzi design lab to test if using Open Banking services would improve the financial health of low income residents of Lambeth and Southwark.

Read the Open Banking for Financial Health report →

Funding Options + Open Banking


I was brought on board as a project manager to build, test and validate a proof-of-concept Open Banking onboarding process for businesses finding finance options online. The proof of concept was built as part of Nesta’s original Open Up Challenge.

Months later, Funding Options went on to win £5 million in grant funding from the RBS Capability and Innovation Fund, in part to ‘drive the wider adoption of Open Banking among UK SMEs’.

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