About this series

My name’s Bailey and I’m working on a project to test Open Banking apps and services with low income and marginalised groups.

As part of this project I’m writing about:

  • What is Open Banking, and where did it come from?
  • What are the dangers of Open Banking, and how is it regulated?
  • How do Open Banking services make money, and how much do they cost to build and maintain?
  • What does the future of Open Banking look like?

I’m also reviewing some of the most popular Open Banking apps, paying particular attention to how useful or not they might be for people on low incomes, or who are marginalised.

I’ll be reviewing apps that are free, available for anyone to download and have 100+ reviews in the Apple App Store:

  • Savings apps: Plum, Cleo and Moneybox
  • Budgeting apps: Emma, Moneyhub, Money Dashboard and Snoop
  • Payment services: Wise and VibePay
  • Credit building: Pave

Who I’m writing for

Although I hope that many people will find this series interesting, I will be writing for newcomers to the topic.

I am specifically hoping that these posts will be practical and useful if you are a debt advisor, social worker or are working with marginalised groups in some way day-to-day.

Get involved

I will be writing and posting new articles on this webpage (bailey.work/open-banking) every Monday and Thursday during March 2022.

If you would like to receive email updates on Monday and Thursday lunchtimes you can subscribe here. I’ll try to make it an engaging 8 part series!

Get in touch

If you have questions you’d like me to answer as part of this series, get in touch at bkursar@gmail.com. Thanks!


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