Liz Truss

Poor Liz Truss, a Prime Minister with guts

Announced a mini-budget

Before the experts judged it

In hindsight it was nuts. Poor Liz Truss.

Poor Liz Truss, she wanted boom, not bust

But unfunded cuts to tax

Saw the market collapse.

And lost the party’s trust. Poor Liz Truss

Poor Liz Truss. MPs called her bluff.

Elected by party members

Didn’t make it to November

She looks concussed. Poor Liz Truss.

Poor Liz Truss. What a pointless fuss

Took over from Boris

But outlasted by a lettuce

Now who will lead us? Poor Liz Truss.

Poor Liz Truss, so non-plussed

A fighter, not a quitter

Then she had to reconsider.

Properly stuffed. poor Liz Truss