About this site

About this site

About this site

This site is built using the notetaking app Notion, which I use for managing a lot of my life (both professional and personal). Notion has a free plan that works fine for most individuals.

I simply have a section of my Notion that I choose to share publicly here. That version of the site looks quite plain, and has a nasty long URL:


In terms of design, Super have templates you can use here: https://super.so/templates. I appreciate the simplicity of just using Notion as a back-end (’Content Management System’, or CMS) – it means I can’t fiddle too much with the design.

The cool thing about using Notion in this way is that within seconds I can update my website or launch a new page on the site, even from my phone.

Super has a free plan but only if you are happy using it on a super.site domain. Mine looks like this: https://bailey-kursar.super.site/. If you are on the free plan there’ll also be a ‘Built with Super’ badge visible on the site.

I pay $12 (~£10) a month for my site to be hosted on my own domain and for the ‘Built with Super’ badge to be removed.

There is a cheaper option on the market called Popsy which charges $8 (~£6.50) per month but I can’t recommend it personally as I’ve not used it myself. Another competitor is called Simple.ink but it’s priced the same as Super, with a similar free tier. Here’s what this page on simple.ink looks like on a free tier: https://bailey.simple.ink/.

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