About this site

About this site

This site is built using the notetaking app Notion, which I use for managing a lot of my life (both professional and personal). Notion has a free plan that works fine for most individuals.

I simply have a section of my Notion that I choose to share publicly here. That version of the site looks quite plain, and has a nasty long URL:


I use a paid-for service called Super in order to turn this plain looking website with an ugly URL into something a bit slicker on bailey.work.

In terms of design, Super have templates you can use. I appreciate the simplicity of just using Notion as a back-end (’Content Management System’, or CMS) – it means I can’t fiddle too much with the design.

The cool thing about using Notion in this way is that within seconds I can update my website or launch a new page on the site, even from my phone.

Super has a free plan but only if you are happy using it on a super.site domain. Mine looks like this: https://bailey-kursar.super.site/. If you are on the free plan there’ll also be a ‘Built with Super’ badge visible on the site.

I pay $12 (~£10) a month for my site to be hosted on my own domain and for the ‘Built with Super’ badge to be removed.

There are cheaper options to Super (that create sites using Notion as the back end) with less functionality, but I can’t recommend them myself.

What I’m doing to improve the site

Not started
Improve the design of the sidebar
Create case study pages, including content attached
Create case study pages, including content attached
Add more services pages
Add logos of previous clients to the homepage
Add wiki section
Add bookmarks and resources section
Add personal stuff section: goals, travel, recipes
Add videos
Add videos
Clean up pages in super
More blog posts
More blog posts
Tagline – useful and usable by all
In progress
Improve the testimonials – ask for new ones and improve the design
Add services pages for Consultancy, Training and User Research
Add ‘in the press’ section
Add ‘in the press’ section
Add bios and headshots page
Add more blog posts to the blog

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