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It was a pleasure working with Bailey. Lauren Oldacre
Bailey brought a high level of enthusiasm and inclusion to the project, backed up by great organisation and sharing experience and knowledge.
Aside from being extremely welcoming and amicable, Bailey has been a continual beacon of light and inspiration for our team in the few days we worked together. Her wealth of knowledge and experience about finance, innovation, and people management gave us clear direction. Mausam Mistri
Her project management skills have been amazing, she was so organised to get everybody on board pretty quickly. Although we're all working remotely, it didn't feel like it and from day one, everybody in the team knew what they're doing. Armela Veliaj – Hargreaves Landsdown

"What you shared about acknowledging the reality of exclusion, and adopting a mindset of designing for everyone, without labels of vulnerability or disability, really grabbed the minds and hearts of colleagues. Colleagues were both moved and motivated to make a difference." – Joanna Finlay, Virgin Money

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