Hired Wage Inequality report 2020

  • We need to find more evidence to support our campaign in the following areas:
    • Using public YouGov data (and potentially data from Alan Furley) to find out how much inconsistency exists between salaries for those with similar experience or in similar roles.
    • Ask HR managers why they don't already post salary information on job ads.
    • Positive effects of showing salary info for employers, i.e. increase in job applications.
    • Negative effects of not showing salary info for employers and employees, i.e. waste of time or inefficiencies.
    • Data on the difference between salary expectations and starting salaries.
      • Split these out by gender, sexuality, ethnicity etc.
    • Find out what % of job ads show salary info at present (potentially Alan Furley)
  • We want to collate existing research so that we can:
    • Publish links to existing research on our website and use it in content.
    • See gaps in the evidence that need to be filled and see if we can conduct our own research or commission some.
    • Write and publish a report to generate more noise about the topic and use in our negotiations with employers to change their behaviour.
    • Potentially summarise info from research in a poster or infographic.