June 21st – Monthly committee meeting

In attendance:

  • Marion Galley (facilitating)
  • Emily Lewis
  • Mar Murube
  • Sutin Yang
  • Sarah from the Fawcett Society East London (guest)


  • We spent a few minutes welcoming everyone to the call and doing some quick intros. Emily and Mar joined us for the first time so shared their expertise with the group.
  • In-house recruiter survey: Following on from Emily's insight as an in-house recruiter we talked about how to get more information about why in-house recruiters don't currently list salary information.
    • We talked about doing a quick poll on LinkedIn.
    • We talked about designing a quick survey that Emily can share using specific networks for in-house recruiters.
    • Sutin suggested we should ask about what makes in-house recruiters uncomfortable about the idea – if we identify the barriers we can tackle them in our next steps.
  • Learning from Fawcett Society East London's #EndSalaryHistory campaign: Our guest Sarah shared insight from their campaign around getting employers to stop asking about salary history.
    • Their aims are three fold, with initial focus on the first two to build momentum:
      • Raise awareness of the issue.
      • Get employers to pledge not to ask publicly (at the moment they have around 60-70).
      • Change the law.
    • They initially did a survey and got around 270 respondents by sending out to their newsletter list and local groups and promoting on social media.
    • They've had success screenshotting the question when it appears on recruitment forms and shaming publicly on Twitter.
    • Their biggest successes have been from promoting the fact that an employer has joined the campaign and pledged on social media – they designed a nice banner to welcome new employers and these posts get lots of engagement, particularly on Twitter.
    • We agreed to work together and particularly to identify target companies through the Tech UK Scale Up list and similar and work together to target them.
  • Next steps: Bailey said she'd continue collating and organising desk research on Notion, Sutin said she could help Emily put out a survey for in-house recruiters.

Next meeting:

Planned for Monday 19th July, 6-7pm. Initial agenda for that meeting:

  • Welcome and intros (if necessary).
  • Updates from the group – what's everyone been able to contribute?
  • Strategy exercise from Bethan Vincent (TBC).
  • Define and assign next steps.

Please let me know if you have things to add or want to volunteer to facilitate/notetake.