Campaign tasks

Not started
Write agenda for next meeting.
Draft a 'hit-list' of early stage investors to target.
Research and write a potential content plan focusing on practical articles.
Bethan Vincent
Create a content / campaign calendar of relevant dates and potential milestones.
Bethan Vincent
Create social media accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Marion Galley
Approach politicians to support the campaign.
Update the website with more employer-specific messaging, encouraging them to get in touch to publicly sign the pledge.
Bailey Kursar
Draft some guidelines as to how employers should be listing salary information (will require research)
Approach some potential campaign advisors, particularly with employment law and HR expertise
Bailey Kursar
Target HR Slack and FB group with survey/poll and articles (Emily mentioned)
Design a survey for in-house recruiters
Emily Lewis
Design a survey for the general public
Design a survey for recruitment agencies
In progress
Write a mission statement-type thing outlining the scope of our campaign.
Madhvi Mavadiya
Draft a 'hit-list' of startups and corporates who we want to approach to sign the pledge.
Madhvi Mavadiya
Send email to for Fawcett East London
Bailey Kursar
Get next meeting booked in the diary.
Bailey Kursar
Send another email to the existing Show the Salary campaign to get a meeting in the diary.
Bailey Kursar
Send email to marmurubedesign@gmail inviting her
Bailey Kursar
Assign facilitator and scribe for next meeting.
Bailey Kursar