Father of daughters

Father of daughters

As a father of daughters I know you're horrified

By all these attacks on the roadside

You teach your girls not to walk alone at night

People think you're old school but you don't think it's right

Young women need to know to stay safe, out of harm's way

It's easy to give the wrong impression when you're on display

I know that you're thinking, well what do they expect

You've got to raise daughters to have some self-respect.

As a father of daughters you raise them to be strong,

You want them to be good girls, to know right from wrong

Know that they're equal, as good as any man

Know to be modest, pretty and feminine

It's your job to show them what a real man looks like

Your job to stand firm, your job to provide

Your job is to give them away

When you’re the father of the bride.

As a father of daughters you talk about progress,

But you don't understand the latest protests

Women have had equal rights for decades now,

There must be new things they can complain about.

What does the term 'Ms' mean anyway

Are good old Miss or Mrs just too cliche?

What happened to family? What happened to marriage?

Now having kids seems to be actively discouraged.

As a father of daughters I know you're far from naive

You're playing your part, took two weeks of paternity leave

You're blessed with a wife who loves being a mother

She isn't one of these workaholics, and for that you love her.

There's nothing wrong with women sacrificing careers

And staying at home, that's what women did for years,

And they were happier like that, before feminism came along,

All this nonsense about patriarchy, me too, and so on.

As a daughter of fathers I wish you'd bite your tongue

And concentrate on educating your sons.