Promoting your freelance work

Promoting your freelance work

Hello Enroller freelancers 👋

If you're here you are (hopefully) an Enrol Yourself community member and a freelancer.

By filling in the form on this page your details will be entered into a database that we can use to create an online directory of Enroller freelancers.

As people fill in the form you'll see their details appear in the table below.

After we've got some initial details we will:

  • Email you to ask for any additional info, for example a headshot.
  • Prettify the directory.
  • Copy the directory over to Enrol Yourself's site.
  • Promote the directory online.

Prototype directory 🗂


You won't be able to see the description text or links to your online presence yet on the directory. Don't panic – they have been saved and we will figure out a way to display them in a nicely designed way in our next iteration.

Enroller freelancer directory

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